Busy work to avoid launching.

I used to do this. No shit. I would blog. Like daily.And this is back when blogs meant something, man. We were out to change the world from the ground up. I covered controversial topics. Like movies, jerks at the store in front of me in line, and cupcakes.

Now, as I set out on my next chapter of my professional, personal, and creative undoing, I find that I have nothing to say. Wait. I do have something to say, but I don't know what it is. Yet. It's deep beneath the surface. I can feel it, swelling. Like an ignored infection in need of lancing. If I don't drain it, it will spread and infect... wait. This is a pretty gross analogy.

How about this; You know how peanut butter has a lid? This is the lid stage. It's a little tough to open. We may have to run water over the jar or tap it with a spoon before getting to the extra chunky deliciousness within, but that deliciousness is there. Smooth on top, virginal. Waiting for us all to plunge in like a - I don't know. Like someone who plunges? A plunger?

We'll get there.

So here it is. The new site connected to the new podcast that has yet to be recorded. All the ducks are in a row and awaiting orders.

\ :-{>